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How long should I float?

You are in control of the length of your session.  We offer 60-minute  sessions, but you may end the session whenever you want by getting out  of the tank. Many people report that it takes about 30 minutes for their  bodies to settle down and for their brains to enter "theta state". 

Do I wear a bathing suit?

We highly recommend floating in the buff.  The feeling of a suit against your skin can be a distraction.

Can I drown?

Nope. The salt solution is so dense it will keep you afloat under all circumstances. If you fall asleep, sweet dreams.

How often are the tanks cleaned?

The cabins are cleaned after every float and go through a state-of-the-art process utilizing UV  rays and Hydrogen peroxide. Your pool will be  sparkling clean or the float’s on us.

Can I float after I color my hair?

You spend a lot of money on your hair and it looks darn good on you! We  want your color to stay as vibrant as it was on day 1; we also don’t  want the colors left in our solution to put extra strain on our  filtration system. For our benefit, and yours, if you have recently dyed  your hair we ask that you wait a minimum of 1 week (or 3 washes) before  floating. For the super vibrant colors- or any spectrum of red, you  will want to wait longer. When you can shower with no dye running, and  your towel doesn’t change color, you should be good to float. If you  float frequently you will likely notice that your color fades faster;  this is due to the combination of Epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide.  Bottom line, for both our sakes wait the required time and then float  away!

Keratin hair treatment- Anyone using keratin treatments for their hair  are told to avoid salt water; and yes, this includes Epsom salt. On the  advice of a hair professional, we recommend you wait 4 weeks after  getting the treatment before hopping in the tank. Keratin extensions  need to be adjusted monthly, and generally last 6-12 weeks. The best  practice would be to float right before you get a treatment done. A  float likely won’t damage the keratin any more than a swim in a chlorine  pool

  • You should not float if you are presently  ill, have incontinence,  kidney problems, epilepsy or have an active skin condition. 
  • People with severe medical conditions or are  pregnant, should consult their physician before floating. 
  • Due to the  weightless effect in the tank, pregnant women in the later stages of  pregnancy have found flotation tank therapy to be one of the best  available pain relief therapies available.

what if i just had a spray tan

We recommend that you not float for a week after having a spray or applied tan or if some color is still coming off when your skin is wiped or washed.

What if I have tattoos or piercings?

We love seeing your personal expressions of  individuality, but you want to wait until your tattoos or piercings have  fully healed before getting into the tank. Everyone heals at different  times, and it also depends on the type of tattoo. Generally speaking, 3  to 4 weeks should suffice, after the scabbing and and peeling have  subsided. As a test, apply hand sanitizer to the area and if it stings  you’ll want to wait a little longer get in the tank. Henna tattoos will  be stripped by the salt so you will be asked to wash them off before  your float.

What if I wear contact lenses?

If you wear contacts, you may want to remove them before your float. If  so, please bring lens solution and anything else you might need.

Preparing to float

Eating a light meal about an hour to 90 minutes ahead of time stops your  stomach from sounding like an angry monster while you float.

Floating Do's

  • Arrive on time – Allow yourself plenty of time to get here – it’s much harder to relax into the tank if you’ve been rushing. If  you are late, your float session may need to be cut short to ensure the  following appointment can start on time.  Show up at least 15 minutes early for your first float to receive  an  introduction to floating and relax in our relaxation room before your  float.
  • Allow plenty of time for your float session –  We recommend allowing 1.5 hours for a 1 hour float session as we want  you to take the time to relax before heading back out into the hustle  and bustle (i.e. for your 1:30pm appointment, please arrive at 1:10pm  and allow yourself until at least 2:50pm).
  • Ask lots of questions – Let us know if you are nervous or unsure of anything, think you might be claustrophobic or tend to feel the cold. 
  • Turn off your mobile phone when you arrive – This is your time to escape the world & the ‘busyness’ of life.  We ask that you turn your mobile off & DO NOT TAKE CALLS WHILE YOU ARE IN THE TREATMENT ROOMS OR RECEPTION  as there may be other clients having a massage or float who are  disturbed by this.  If you need to make a call, please go outside.  If  you need to have your phone available for emergency calls  (children/work) then we suggest you leave your phone at reception and we will look after it for you. 
  • Ensure any small cuts or scratches are covered with a waterproof dressing –  This is for hygiene purposes as well as the fact the salty environment  of the tank will cause any open cuts/scratches to STING!!
  • Remove contact lenses and jewellery – But don’t forget to take them with you when you go!
  • Call us to check if you should reschedule – If you are in the early/late stages of pregnancy or think you may be coming down with a cold/flu/illness.   
  • Eating a light meal about an hour to 90 minutes ahead of time stops your  stomach from sounding like an angry monster while you float.

Floating Don'ts

  • Consume drugs or alcohol prior to your appointment –  Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is STRICTLY prohibited. We reserve the right to refuse treatment to anyone we suspect may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
  • Use the tanks if you are menstruating  –   So we can maintain our high level of hygiene. 
  • Don’t shave or wax (at least 8-12 hours) before your float since the salt water can irritate your skin.
  •  Don't consume caffeinated beverages several hours beforehand (It can make your system jittery).
  • Have a large heavy meal in the 90 mins before you float – Not only might you feel unwell, but your digestive system will be making lots of noises and this can be disruptive in your float.   
  • Float if you have large open cuts, or have had gastro in the last 14 days – This is for hygiene reasons as well as your own comfort.    
  • Float straight after having hair colored or chemically straightened or after using artificial tanning products –   We ask you to wait at least 7-10 days after having your hair coloured and 5 days after using artificial tanning products.
  • SMOKE shortly prior to arriving at The Float Room- It can make it difficult to relax into the tank .  It also SMELLS and the smell is carried into The Float Room with you – which is unpleasant for staff & other customers.
  • Take too long in the shower after your float – Please consider that we may have another client waiting & we do need to allow sufficient time for filtering & cleaning.  If you feel you need more than 10 minutes to shower & do hair/make-up after your session – please just advise us when you arrive & we can shorten your float time accordingly.   
  • Take calls while you are in the treatment rooms or reception – this is your time to escape all of that, so leave it off as long as you can.  It is also VERY distracting for other clients who are here to relax.

The spa has everything you need to float.
The only thing you might want to bring is
a combo hairbrush.

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